Fuel3D Handheld Scanner

Fuel3D Handheld Scanner

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Fuel3D Handheld Scanner


The Fuel3D scanner brings handheld 3D imaging technology, originally developed for high-end medical applications, into the professional and consumer marketplace at a dramatically lower cost than comparable solutions. Whether you are a game developer, designer, artist, maker or any kind of 3D enthusiast, Fuel3D can help you easily capture, archive and manipulate detailed, full colour 3D images.

Available NOW in Australia for the first time. 


Fuel3D has three components:
• A handheld camera unit which connects to your PC or Mac via a USB connection, in a similar manner to a webcam.
• Software which runs on your PC or Mac and works in conjunction with the scanner.
• Optical targets, which are used to allow the scanner to track its motion during image capture.