ScanMaster Plus

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ScanMaster Plus

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ScanMaster Plus with turntable, using Structured Light Technology


The new ScanMaster Plus 3D Scanner uses innovative structured light technology. Scanmaster Plus uses two modes; Automatic turntable with stiching for easy scanning of objects up to 215mm X 215mm X 200mm. Or there is free scan mode. In free scan mode, a tripod is used to capture separate scans, allowing for scanning of larger objects up to 700mm X 700mm X 700mm.

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The smart stitch software allows you to effortlessly scan and construct 3D models, either for reverse engineering or send them straight to your 3D printer.

The entire 3D scanning workflow is controlled by a step by step software wizard. 

The ScanMaster Plus makes the scanning process faster and objects can be captured, processed and ready for 3D printing sooner. 


Max. scan volume:                 215x215x200mm

Max. free scan volume:         700x700x700mm

Accuracy:                                 <0.1mm

Scan Speed:                          Automatic mode: <3mins

Point distance:                       0.17mm~0.2mm

Alignment method:               Automatic

Scan mode:                           Turntable / Free Scan

Resolution:                            1.3 Megapixel

Light source:                          White light ~ safe to use

Warranty:                                12 months

OS requirements:                  Windows 7/8 ~ 64bit only